#Let’s Talk: Overcoming Sex and Interstitial Cystitis w/ Dr. Tracy Alexis Pt.2


Hey overcomers! I pray that all is well with you and that you are staying safe. I am so excited to have you join us as our guest Dr. Alexis and I dive deeper into our series discussion on #Let’s Talk: Overcoming sex and interstitial cystitis. In this episode we will open up and share some personal experiences with you, bout how I.C. affected our relationships, being intimate sexually, and also how physical therapy maybe helpful to reclaim control of your pelvic area.  Dr. Alexis will share with you some nuggets or gems that can helpful to your journey.

I know that this is one of those topics that we are not always open to talk about and I think that it is time that we do. So that we can break free from being afraid of what your partner may think when you tell them. It is our hope that this episode will empower and encourage you to feel more confident about opening up and being honest with not only yourselves but your partner as well.

For more information on Dr Alexis and her book “Interstitial Cystitis A Personal Journey to Complete Healing”  go to her website at  www.drtracyalexis.com

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