#Let’s Talk: Overcoming Sex and Interstitial Cystitis with Guest Dr. Tracy Alexis


Hey Overcomers! In today’s episode, we would like for you to join us as Dr. Alexis and I discuss sex and Interstitial Cystitis.  That’s right! I know if you are like me sometimes discussing how IC can affect our sex lives and being intimate with your significant other can be a little much. You may even feel that it is not necessary to talk about, but we believe that this part of your life is so important. Sex can often be difficult for some of us and flat out painful if we don’t be mindful of what our body is telling us. Becoming more aware of how IC can affect this sensitive part of your body is key. In this episode, we will share with you some of our personal experiences while sharing tips and what we have tried that has been helpful in aiding in a better intimate experience. 

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Feel free to share with us your journey or something that you have been trying that helps you with your I.C.

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