Pelvic Pain Awareness Month: Speak Your Truth


Hey Overcomers! Do you struggle with pelvic pain? Do you sometimes feel a sharp, dull, or aching pain in your lower back, hips, thighs, or lower abs after sitting or standing to long? I know that I have for years now. Have you ever spoken up about how you are feeling? Well I think that it’s about time that we start shedding a light to the pain that we have been suffering with.  I’m not sure if you know this but as of 2017 May has been designated as Pelvic Pain Awareness month! So, I felt this would be a great time to spread some awareness and share with you some of the things that I have learned that may be helpful to you.



Pelvic Belts or Sacroiliac Support Belt (Amazon)  for Lower Back and Pelvic Pain relief

Kabooti (Amazon) comforts and reduces pressure on the tailbone

Everlasting Comforts (Amazon) helps with tailbone pain, back, hip, leg pain, sciatica, and posture correction

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