Don’t Say What You Can’t Do


Hello over-comer’s!  There has been so many changes in our world lately that can be overwhelming at times. It seems like each day that we are blessed with brings about new challenges that we have to face. Whether it’s working from home, home-schooling, or the added stress from social distancing. It can all have a toll on you. I know that I have been feeling it everyday because we have had so many adjustments to our daily routine. Especially on those days when it is so hard to get out of the bed due to chronic pain or illnesses.(Interstitial Cystitis, Endometriosis, Chronic Pain, and any medical condition) As a parent learning that I would have to do home school for the first time I was freaking out and got upset thinking there was no way I could do this! I was like I just CAN’t DO IT!   I can only wonder if any of you are like me. Have you ever talked yourself out of doing something because of negative thinking? Join me on today’s episode where I will be talking about speaking life into yourself and any obstacle that you may be facing as I continue to share my story with you. 

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