Finding Peace in the Middle of the Storm


There is so many things going on in this world lately that can be so overwhelming.  It seems surreal that this storm (COVID-19) has turned our world upside down. The uncertainty of it all and watching the news change everyday can cause fear, anxiety, and stress which are all things that can trigger more pain. It can trigger a flare up if you’re dealing with medical conditions like Interstitial Cystitis, Chronic pain, and Endometriosis. Dealing with what is going on is hard enough on it’s own so, we do not need any added stress triggering us right?  But unfortunately it can and it did for me and I found myself getting upset and consumed by the news.  Join me on today’s episode where I will be sharing ten things that I do to help me find some peace in the middle of this storm. 

Books I’m reading:

Bible: Psalms 91 is a great go to!

Joyce Myers: Healing the Soul of a Woman

Chad Veach: Faith, Forward, Future

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