Part 2: Circle of Support


Can you remember a time when someone in your life stepped in and helped you when you needed it the most? So often we get so caught up with the pain due to our medical  conditions(i.e. Endometriosis and IC), that we can sometimes fail to notice when support is being given.  We pray that God will not only heal us but we also ask for God’s help. I know from experience that when you are going through something half of the time you don’t want to even be bothered.  You start get short with people when they try to help you because you don’t want to give up you independence only to have the pain intensify later.  I know that the last thing that you want to do is push your loved ones away. I know that I don’t. Lets not take them for granted and try to show more appreciation. Remember that when people love you they hurt when you hurt.  That’s why I want to encourage you to learn how to be more open to letting the positive people that are the closest to you in, especially when all they want to do is be there for you.

I was reminded of a story I heard about a man stuck in the snow praying to God for help.  God answered his prayers by sending help (a sled/sledders) three different times but he refused to get on it. He would say that he was waiting on God to show up each time. After he didn’t survive, he made it to heaven and asked God why did he let this happen and not answer his prayers? Then God asked him “Did you not see the sleds that I sent you?”  Please don’t ignore the sleds (people) in your life that God sent to help you.  Even if it is for a season!

Join me for part two of Circle of support as I continue to share my stories with you. I just wanted to take the time out to acknowledge some people (sleds) in my life that was really there for me when I needed it the most even with the little things that add up to be so much more.

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