#Pain Doesn’t Discriminate: It affects your family too


Happy Holiday’s Overcomers! How often do we really ask ourselves about how our families and loved ones may be feeling about our mood swings, outbursts, and our behavior when we’re dealing with Endometriosis, Interstitial cystitis, or chronic pain?  I believe that it’s a good idea to see things from a different perspective sometimes. Our struggles not only affect us, but it also affects our families too! When someone really loves you they hurt when you hurt. So often we get so caught up in our own emotions and struggles with our conditions and pain, that we forget they have feelings too.  Then we can hurt them even more by withdrawing or pushing our family away. I believe that it’s time to change all of that and restore our families!  Join me in today’s episode where I will be switching it up a little bit by inviting a special guest one of my close family members to the show! Join us as we discuss her point of view watching me struggle; as I continue to battle with these conditions. We will also discuss how it has affected her throughout the years!

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