Living Beyond the Pain

Have you ever been to the Sahara Desert? I don't know why you would visit this furnace that covers three million miles of Africa. But we have all seen movies (Lawrence of Arabia) or TV shows ("Man vs. Wild") that portray people battling blinding light, oppressive heat and throat-shredding dryness.

People who find themselves in a desert will do anything for a drink of cool, clear water. Often they can be fooled into thinking a big pool of water lies far off in the distance. Scientists call this a mirage, which is an optical phenomenon that bends light rays and plays with our perceptions. Like many people, I have pursued plenty of mirages during my life.

The insights I would like to share with you in Living Beyond the Pain are not mirages. Some of them may fit you better than others, but each and every one of them has greatly impacted my life, and I believe they can do the same for you, no matter what kinds of pain and suffering and tragedy you may have experienced or are experiencing now.

Come along and see for yourself, and begin "Your Journey of Transformation!"

Living Beyond the Pain - Spiritual Transformation
Living Beyond the Pain
Hard Work and Discipline Aren't Enough
Isn't it time to get on the path of better living?
Each step forward doesn't have to be met with
two steps backward.
Are you willing to give life another try?
If so,
your time is now...
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